Come dance with me, Zane

You lead, I'll follow

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Till There Was You


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Ty teaches little Sadie how to play baseball, while Zane daydreams about his future with the man.

Words: 926, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 5 of Coffee Shop Au

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makaylalion asked: I'm so in love with the Assassin AU!!!! How about one where Ty gets a call from his mom and Zane, Nick and Kelly are near and they discover that the big bad assassin is really a momma's boy. Ouh and maybe Ty is all like shy and almost teenager virgin kind of thing. Also... I'm just dying to know where he got that scar!!! Thank you so much for this!!! it's so awesome! big love xxx



Ty dug his phone out of his pocket and frowned at the screen. He glanced at Kelly, who raised an eyebrow, and over at Nick and Zane, who were at the table in Zane’s dining room going over paperwork.

Ty pointed at Kelly, his eyes chips of ice. “Not a fucking word,” he growled.

Kelly was about to ask what the hell when Ty answered the call, “Hey, Ma.”

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Anonymous asked: Hello, evil mastermind! :) I have a question that's been bugging me... Remember in F&C when Ty and Zane were asking each other questions off the wall and then Ty had a question but didn't ask it? We never got to find out what he wanted to ask.. are we ever going to? Thank youu! All my love, your loving minion :D


Actually, we did find out, in a roundabout way. Ty’s in love with Zane. He asks why Zane switched over to guys, and Zane answers that it was easy and fun. The follow-up is the one Ty chickens out of asking.

He’s wondering if Zane could ever love a man, or if it will always just be fun for him.

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Chapter Ten: The Armada


Ty rubbed his temple, really loving how a massive headache picked this exact moment to tattoo its beat on the inside of his skull. Next to him, Zane was positively vibrating, his arms folded. Probably so he didn’t grab his gun. Ty glanced over his shoulder at Nick and subtly jerked his chin in Zane’s direction. Nick’s gaze darted to Zane. He patted Kelly on the shoulder before moving to stand on the other side of Zane.

Hopefully, between the two of them, they could keep Zane from shooting Ava. As much as there was bad blood between the captains of Sidewinder and the captain of La Fée Verte, with everything else they were dealing with, Ty did not want to add a pissed off merc crew to the list.

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amirosebooks asked: Merc AU -- Since you ended the last Merc AU bit on a very interesting note with an almost kiss in an alley... How about we see Zane doing everything he can to trick / tease / torment Ty into kissing him. Maybe there's some party Zane has to attend that he gets drunk at before putting operation seduce the babysitter into action?


Ty settled back on the leather couch, his booted feet on the table in front of him and his sharp eyes tracking Zane through the dance crowd.

"When are you just going to fuck him and put us all out of our misery?" Kelly sprawled on the couch next to Ty, his voice a little more slurred and slow than usual.

"Where’s your detective friend?" Ty asked without taking his eyes off Zane. It was his job to keep track of the man. Admiring the way he moved was an unfortunate side effect.

"Nice dodge, bitch."

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