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Chapter Four: Two For the Price of One



Kelly didn’t stop walking until he’d reached the cabin he and Nick shared on the topmost level of the ship. He smacked the door open and stalked in, wincing at the too-bright lamplight. He spun the dimmer on the wall without looking and massaged his temples. That plus the punches to his face from that damn bounty hunter had bloomed into one mother of a headache.

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"Good Sense" - A Ty Grady/Zane Garrett Ficlet


I… I don’t even know why this one popped into my head but one day all I could think about was Ty and Zane in WV, fooling around at a make out point. So here you go.

No real spoilers in this - but we’ll say it’s set well in the future because I’ve made them married (BECAUSE DEAR GODS I JUST NEED THEM TO BE MARRIED ALREADY OK? OK).

ETA: Also on AO3.

“Where are we going?” Zane laughs as Ty curses and turns the truck just a bit too sharply so as to avoid the fallen branch that had cropped up in their path.

“You’ll see if we get there,” Ty tells him.

Laughing again, Zane reaches over and pats his knee. “That’s comforting, baby.”

Ty growls and plucks Zane’s hand off his leg with two fingers, dropping it back into Zane’s lap. “Don’t patronise me, Garrett.”

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